Dear Mr. Juan Antonio Ciliento,
Red IberoAmericana De Trabajo Con Las Familias - Oficina Regional Buenos Aires

Please find attached to this message the Report of Activities 2011 and the Financial Report 2011, approved at the 25th WFO General Assembly, held in Abu Dhabi last December and the Membership Fee form for the 2012.

I also would like to highlight that WFO's website is being updated frequently with all the information regarding WFO's activities for the year, specially the participation at the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development Rio+20, the High Level Segment of UN ECOSOC and the World Family Summit +8, which will be announced on the coming weeks.

If you need any other document or information, please do not hesitate in contacting us.

Please accept my very best regards,

Isidro de Brito
Vice-President for Legal and Administrative Affairs
World Family Organization

28 Place Saint-Georges
F75009 Paris - France

Fax: +55 41 3254 5678



Ver Reporte de Actividades del 2011 de la World Family Organization


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